I wish I knew more about…

In this month bloggers club at Ministry Of Testing the topic is ”I wish I knew more about…” I jokingly said on twitter that this was going to be a massive blogpost if I was going to list everything I wish I knew more about…

I haven´t really participated much at MoT, mostly been sculking around in the forums, but a couple of weeks ago I got myself a pro/paid account with their monthly subscription and so far I have been able to paricipate in two 99-minutes workshop (I really like that format, by the way).
MoT´s physical ”TestBash”-conference hasn’t really been an option for me but with this year’s ”TestBash Home” I was finally able to attend – and it was something else. I´ve only been to a few conferences (physical or digital) and while they were all informative (well, more or less), none has been quite as fun and inclusive for a newcomer as Testbash Home was.

Aaaaanyway, the topic was ”I wish I knew more about…”
Is it wrong of me to answer that with ”most things”?
There are just so many things I feel that I should know in my role as a tester, about my system and our products as well as the actual process of testing, the work and our tools. Oh, and did someone mention automation?
I try to study, to learn so I can keep up (or catch up). I´m jumping between several things at once, and of course by doing that not going the distance on (basically) any of them. I’m also really good att chasing all the new shiny things.

I don´t have any proper programming/technical background and fell into testing being sort of an ”advanced user who the company didn’t know where to place after his latest parental leave”, but I really felt that this was something for me. Constantly challenging yet so much fun.

As I am writing down ”constantly challenging” as a positive thing about this job I realize it is probably a bit at odds with what I wrote just a paragraph earlier. But I guess that is part of it all. When you like what you do you want to do it well.

But I am working on taking one thing at a time.
And I am beginning to realize that things take time.
And I am learning that I am SO not alone in this. Which is a comfort.

Thank you MoT and bloggers club for challenging me to write.
And thank all of you who also wrote something for the bloggers club.

Now I am counting down to TestBash Manchester, so I can ”meet” more of you.
I’ve already got the sticker. So I am ready (-:

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